Apply Now! RealityCheck2050


The Lee Institute has partnered with the Charlotte Urban Land Institute (ULI)and Centralina Council of Governments (Centralina COG) to produce “Reality Check 2050” as part of the CONNECT Our Future project.


RealityCheck2050 is a ground-breaking, interactive exercise designed to foster growth by choice, not by chance. Participants you will join 400 other leaders from across the 14-county CONNECT Our Future region in preparing potential options for regional growth, with a focus on accommodating the expansion of housing and jobs through 2050. Results from this meeting will play a pivotal role in creating the options for how this region can grow and best utilize limited resources.

This collaborative event jointly sponsored by the Centralina Council of Governments, Catawba Regional Council of Governments and Urban Land Institute is not about speeches, presentations, political theory or planning concepts. It is about challenging participant to develop potential options for addressing growth, change, housing and jobs in the region. The exercise pushes participants to see the connection between the choices we make and their unintended consequences.

Tri tables 11 (2)

The highlight of RealityCheck2050 is an exciting, collaborative event appropriately named, “Gameday.” It’s a hands-on, timed game where 40 tables of 10 participants place different colored LEGO bricks on a large map of our 14 county region under the guidance of trained facilitators. LEGO bricks represent additional people & jobs and string will represent various modes of transportation.

Four hundred diverse participants will be selected from each of the 14 counties and will represent the public, private and nonprofit sectors in each county. Participants will be selected carefully to ensure a geographically-balanced and diverse composition of exercise participants.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let your voice be heard! You can find out more information and apply at the Reality Check2015 website. The application deadline is May 3, 2013.


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